Welcome to Takayama!

We left the touristic and unavoidable Kyoto to venture to the foot of the Japanese Alps to Takayama. This is not yet the high mountains (we are about at 600 meters of altitude), but already on the way, the landscape has changed. We are surrounded by these mountains very sharp, …


A festival day

The day was dedicated to traditional Kyoto festivals. By late morning, we went to Kyoto Imperial Park to the Jidai matsuri were a large parade is organized, with participants dressed in period costume, presented by historical period. If the reconstruction seems to me very successful and attracts a lot of …


The Sanzen-in temple and the Fushimi Inari

​Kyoto from North to South. The day was a dive in the green. We started the morning with a tea ceremony for the noble men, that the two tea ceremonies which we attended during our previous trips were ceremonies for the samurai caste. We find the same precise gestures, the …


The Himeji castle and the Koko-en garden

​October is a pretty hot month in Japan. Having felt cold when we went there at the end of March – beginning of April, I expected to find roughly the same weather, and I planned my suitcase accordingly. Fortunately, I had brought some beautiful t-shirts, returning to the hotel every …

From Okinawa to Kyoto

We left Okinawa for Kyoto. There is no much to say about a day happened in tranports: monorail, plane, train … So here are some facts about Japan. Okinawa is very touristy. How can you recognize a Japanese? It is the one who is not necessarilly grumpy. In our hotel, …


Churaumi Aquarium, Tropical Dream Center, Sunset Beach and the American village

When we decide to sightsee, we do it body and soul. It’s how we are. It was a very big day that has brought us to fantastic places. It began at 6 am (I can hear someone stifle reading this, but yes, it’s the holidays, so we get up at …


The Shurijo Castle and Naha market

Due to an unforeseen technical problem, we started a bit late to the hotel to find the Shurijo castle, fortress of the king of the Ryukyu Islands. The castle still has beautiful stone fortification, not uncommon from what Turin or Vauban could do at home: the massive walls that seem …


After a very long flight

​11h am, Osaka We are waiting our next flight to Okinawa tasting a macha-latte. We arrived well ahead yesterday at the airport, which allowed us to have a stress level near zero. We flew over the Alps, already dusted with snow thanks to the rains fallen in recent days. From …


Ready to go

We are at the airport waiting for our first plane to Paris. Baggages have been checked in, we passed the security and we are in front of the gate. I do not quite realize that we are on holiday and we are going to the other end of the world.

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